Experience Programs & Sports

  • Events for Autumn & Winter: Radish Harvesting

  • Pottery painting “Sue Atorie・Hana*Hana”

  • Zao Dairy Farm Center (Making Dairy Products)

  • Sakai Fishing Farm

  • Fishing Ponds/Mountain Stream Fishing Enjoy Zao’s majestic nature too! Let’s try fishing easily. We welcome beginners and families

  • Onsen & Sweets : Kami-no-yu, Kotobuki-no-yu

  • Miyagi Zao Royal Hotel (Indoor Swimming Pool)

  • Eboshi Mountain Stream Fishing Pond

  • Winter sports 4.3km course is popular! Enjoy Zao’s nature throughout the year at sports resort, Miyagi Zao Eboshi Resort.

  • More than 5,500 collections of Kokeshi! Miyagi Zao Kokeshi Museum

  • Tohgatta Park

  • Ohtaki Mountain Stream Fishing Pond

  • Whitestone Horse Riding Club

  • See the “Snow Monsters” See the rarest nature art, “Snow Monsters” at Miyagi Zao Sumikawa Snow Park’s “Snow monster tour”

  • Visit the popular tourist destinations! “The Ice Monster tour”

  • 【蔵王焼 万風窯】世界で1つだけの器をつくろう。初心者でも楽しめる「手びねり陶芸体験」(多言語対応あり)

  • Make homemade cheese Everyone can enjoy this cheese cooking! Taste the fresh made cheese using Zao’s milk. “Zao Heartland”

  • 【Zao Yaki Manpu-gama】Let’s make the only one vessel in the world. “Hand Forming Pottery Experience” that even beginners can enjoy

  • Coca-Cola Botters Japan Zao Factory Visit

  • Genyou Studio

  • A must check for cyclist! Bike road race in the mountains “Nihon-no-Zao Hill Climb Eco”

  • [Nature craft workshop] Everyone can enjoy! Feel the nature, forget time, and make your only one art. “Kotori Hausu”

  • Zao Forest Springs

  • direct sales in Zao

  • 【Zao Echo Line】The snow walls in spring, the new green leaves in summer, and the beautiful coloured leaves in autumn.

  • Pottery and painting at Zao! “Zao-yaki Manpugama”

  • Nordic Walking

  • Miyagi Zao Country Club

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Introduction of Zao-sama
The spring shows the charm of Zao town
Shiroishi Sightseeing Navigation

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Introduction of Zao-sama
The spring shows the charm of Zao town

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