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Experience both snow and cherry blossoms at the same time! Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity which is only possible during a small window of time.

Witness stunning Mt. Zao spring to life again after a harsh and long winter. During the winter months, Mt. Zao is closed off and the snow piles and piles up. But with the promise of spring, cherry blossom trees are having bud and as a little more time passes, those buds begin to bloom in a stunning fashion which coincides around the reopening of the mountain. A lot of other alpine areas offer bus tours showcasing “snow walls” but Mt. Zao stands apart as it gives participants the rare opportunity to enjoy walking whilst viewing cherry-blossoms at the same time. Only five days once in a year for this experience! A chance to enjoy walking through tremendous snow walls, cherry blossom viewing and hot springs all at once.

Event details

01. Stand in awe in front of the walls of Shimanosawa. This area of the walk gets the deepest snow cover, averaging about 9 meters every year.

02. With a mountain guide, walk for 2km along a highway which is usually closed to vehicles during winter.

03. Have a blast sledding at the site if you like!

04. Awesome snowplow demonstrations will be running too.

05. The site is tho instagram heaven so don’t forget your camera!

06. After walk you’ll be treated with hot soup and manju (Japanese sweet)

07. In 2019, we had around 2,000 Japanese and foreign tourists or guests.

08. At Kokeshikan, tourists can also enjoy the foot bath of Togatta hot spring.

09. We also have a special “Forest Music Concert” running on weekends.

10. Guests who visit inside of Kokeshi-kan (250 yen entrance fee) will receive a hot croquette fresh from the frier and a ‘tamakon’ (Japanese hot snack).

11.Cherry blossoms usually bloom around April 10th every year.

12. The “Hitome Senbonzakura" area is a site to behold - thousands of cherry blossoms in full glory against the backdrop of the snowcapped Zao mountain range.

* Please note that private cars are not permitted at the site. If you wish to make your own way there, please use either the shuttle bus, a bus tour or hop on a snowbus from the Sumikawa Snow Park. For details please see below.

1. Snow-wall Shuttle Bus from Shiroishi Station

Supporting agency Miyako Tourism Service
Cost 3,900 yen return from Funaoka, Ogawara or Shiroishi
2,900 yen from within the town of Zao (Gozain / Kaminoyu)
Operating schedule Everyday from April 10th, 2020 (Friday) through April 14th, 2020 (Tuesday).
Route stops and times Funaoka Station 7:30 -> Ogawara Station 7:50 -> Shiroishi Station 8:15 -> Zao Town Hall 8:45 -> Togatta 9:00 -> 9:40 Snow-wall walking tour site -> Kokeshi-kan 11: 40 - 12: 20 -> Togatta 12: 25 -> Zao Town Hall 12:40 -> Shiroishi 13:10 -> Ogawara 13:35 -> Funaoka Station 14:00

2. Snow-wall Bus Tour departing Sendai Station

Supporting agency Club Tourism Sendai
Cost 6,990 yen which includes a light lunch meal
Operating schedule April 10 (Fri) Departing from either Aiko / Aeon Nakayama / Sendai (Route number: 08387-913)
April 11 (Sat) Departing from either Aeon Ishinomaki / Sendai (Route number: 08388-913)
April 11 (Sat) Departing from either Aeon Tomiya / Izumichuo / Sendai (Route number: 08385-913)
April 12 (Sun) Departing from either Hon-Shiogama / Aeon Rifu / Sendai (Route number: 08386-900)
Route stops and times Sendai Station 8:00 = Snow Wall Event Participation 10: 00-11: 30 = Kokeshi Museum Tour / Lunch Break = Funaoka Ichimoku Senbonzakura = Sendai Station 18:00

3. Snow Corridor Walk Snowmobile Tour

Operating company Sumikawa Snow Park
Cost 3,700 yen
Operating schedule Everyday from Wednesday, April 1 to mid April
Route stops and times Departs Sumikawa Snow Park at 9:00 & 11:00 (2 trips per day) -> Daikokuten Snow-wall site -> Sumikawa Snow Park (90 minute round-trip)
  • ■ Open: 5 days from April 10 (Fri) until April 14 (Tue)
  • ■ Walk: 2km round-trip from Zao Echo Line Daikokuten Parking Lot to Shimanosawa and back again
  • ■ Organizer: Zao Town
  • ■ Supporting bodies: Miyagi Prefectural Tourism Federation, Shiroishi City, Ogawara Town, Shibata Town, Kawasaki Town
  • ■ Planning and Management: Zao Town Tourism and Goods Association (+ 81-224-34-4401)

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