The mascot for tourism in Zao Town - Zao-sama

Application for image use

Go through the details in "Zao Town promotional mascot 'Zao sama' image usage guideline"【PDF】and submit "Image usage application form (Form No. 1)"【Word】 and documents needed to the Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism Division.

Application is NOT necessary for the following usages

  • (1) Non-profit, personal use without any edit or distortion of the images
  • (2) Educational purpose in educational institutes in Zao Town town.
  • (3) Promotional or reporting purpose in media

Usable images

  • 1Zao-sama's logo

    Zao-sama's logo


  • 2Zao-sama- main

    Zao-sama- main


  • 3Zao-sama- back

    Zao-sama- back


  • 4Zao-sama- right hand rasing

    Zao-sama- right hand rasing


  • 5Zao-sama- left hand rasing

    Zao-sama- left hand rasing


  • 6Zao-sama- walk to the right

    Zao-sama- walk to the right


  • 7Zao-sama- walk to the left

    Zao-sama- walk to the left


  • 8Zao-sama- food

    Zao-sama- food


  • 9Zao-sama- hot spa

    Zao-sama- hot spa


  • 10Zao-sama- camera

    Zao-sama- camera


  • 11Zao-sama- reading

    Zao-sama- reading


  • 12Zao-sama- shopping

    Zao-sama- shopping


  • 13Zao-sama- baseball①

    Zao-sama- baseball①


  • 14Zao-sama- baseball②

    Zao-sama- baseball②


  • 15Zao-sama- gate ball

    Zao-sama- gate ball


  • 16Zao-sama- snowboard

    Zao-sama- snowboard


  • 17Zao-sama- skiing

    Zao-sama- skiing


Usage conditions

Usage period
Until the first 31st March after 2 years after the approval
Usage fee
Free of charge
If not allowed
Use with the following purposes are prohibited,
  • (1) Usage violating laws, social orders or moral.
  • (2) Political use for individual politicians or political parties or uses related to any religions
  • (3) Usage for the making profits
  • (4) Combined usage for any registered logo, or as business designs
  • (5) Usage costs damage to the image of Zao Town, or usage leads to misunderstanding
  • (6) Other usages considered inappropriate by the town mayor
Terms and conditions for usage
Please follow the following terms and conditions to use the images
  • (1) Use the images only with the claimed and approved purposes.
  • (2) Approval cannot be transferred or sold to other parties.
  • (3) Never change the designs without a special approval from the mayor.
  • (4) Clearly state by words "The mascot for Zao Town tourism, Zao-sama". If considered necessary, "Miyagi Prefecture" should also be stated.
  • (5) State the approval number issued by the town together with the image and in related documents.
  • (6) Follow the rules stated on the front page.
  • (7) Submit an actual sample that contains the image to the town office before the release. If the sample is considered difficult for submission, a photo can be accepted.
Change of use permit
Submit the "Application form for image use change" (Form no. 4)【Word】to the Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism Division to change the content of use permit.
Cancellation of use permit
Approval will be invalid in the cases of violation of terms and conditions of use, and when the application content is proven false

Enquries about the mascot, Zao-sama

Zao Town Town Office, Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism Division

10 Nishiurakita, Enda, Zao-machi, Katta-gun, Miyagi Prefecture, 989-0892, Japan
TEL: (+81) 0224-33-2215 / FAX: (+81) 0224-33-2257

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Introduction of Zao-sama
The spring shows the charm of Zao town
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Introduction of Zao-sama
The spring shows the charm of Zao town

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