The mascot for tourism in Zao Town - Zao-sama

*Believed to be born in 1182 together with Okama crater
* 1/1000 of the altitude of Kattadake peak
Hot spa, Skiing, Snowboarding
Special skills
Japanese Gate ball, Bicycle
*seems that he is always practicing to join competitions in the future
Rice, cheese, basella alba, pears, and all other things.

Zao-sama, lives deep inside the forest in Zao. He was born and raised in Zao, and have been living in Zap throughout his whole life. Zao-sama is shy, and live alone in a forest, and thus not really known by others.
Zao-sama enjoys delicious food with beautiful views and, and also reading and taking a nap in the afternoon. And it is his favorite relaxing days. And because of this Zao-sama gained weight, and decided to go out from the forest to do more exercise.

A bit self-centered, and enjoy slow, comfortable time. Zao-sama is very kind to others, especially to aniamls. Also, he loves food and sometimes cannot stop eating. He only wear a pair of red & white pants and a yellow mantle. He is so in love with the blue burry-liked buttons since he is small. He spends around an hour to take care of his facial hair. He loves fruits and feels like having them whenever he is hungry. He speaks in a very special way that adds " at the end of his saying".

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Introduction of Zao-sama
The spring shows the charm of Zao town
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Introduction of Zao-sama
The spring shows the charm of Zao town

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